Beginner’s Guide On How To Use Fire Glass


It is indeed a good feeling when we know that the bad weather is fast approaching and there is something we can do to welcome it. Bad weather regarding the low temperatures and the constant fall of light rains. The best part is that this is indeed the twenty-first century and we don’t have to fight off the build-up of smoke in the house. To make matters worse, the smoke gets into our eyes, and we have to rub them occasionally. This leads to them getting red and sometimes swollen. Technology has done it again, and the least we can do is wait for the cold weather in baited breath. The introduction of fire glass into the market has brought along more benefits than we can care to number. We shall see and discuss each one of them shortly.

How to use fire glass

fire glassWe can take this as a tutorial of some kind and soon after, you will be able to know how to use fire glass without making mistakes. First, we have to bear in mind that they are only to be used in fire pits that are located outside. If you wish to grace your living room with the colorful sparks they emit as they burn, you must ensure that your fireplace is properly designed. It can be either vented or not vented at all. Fire glass can work both ways.

Manufacturers of fire glass have also designed some special kinds of trays that are meant to hold them. You can then place some fire glass pieces that you so desire onto a fire pit and then light up the gas.

Step back and watch in amazement as they burn producing all kinds of colorful sights. The thing with fire glasses that makes them so popular among most homeowners and designers is the fact that they come in different colors and sizes. You can even pick the one that matches the theme color of your living room just to punctuate your good taste.

Benefits of fire glass

If you were to vote firewood and fire glass, it is fire glass that would have won the elections by a landslide. This is because they have a variety of benefits that majority of people can’t resist.

Their aesthetic value

This is especially true when they are lit at night. The place in question is simply awe-inspiring and magical at the same time. Watching them burn in different colors and shades will take your breath away.

They are environmental-friendly

When you light them up, you don’t have to worry about them emitting gasses that are poisonous to our flora and fauna. All they give out is warmth that will penetrate to your very bones on a cold day or night.

They are portable

bookThey can come in handy when you go camping, and you would like to keep warm as well as scare away the bears. You can stay up late into the night chatting or studying for hours and hours on end with the help of light from fire glass.

Fire glass is quite affordable

They come in all sizes that will not dig too deep into your pockets.